At Online Cloud Backup Gurus, we’re all about safety. About ensuring that your data is safe, backed up and secure for that inevitable moment when something bad happens – you spill water on your laptop, drop your phone off a cliff, or your main PC blows a hard drive. Like it or not, technology is unpredictable. But online backup services and the cloud have made running your technology a much safer concept. Coupled with high speed internet connections, it is very possible to back your computer up daily – thus ensuring everything is safe, somewhere out there in the cloud.

The Gurus go the distance for our readers. We are constantly updating our impressions of online backup services – often as frequently as they update their local apps! Plus, we actually encourage user comments – something other companies looking at these services rarely, if ever, allow. So if you’ve had a great experience with a service, let us know. If you’ve found that a service has let you down when you needed them most – PLEASE let us know. We’re all about ensuring that our readers are the most informed when it comes to online backup, and you are a huge part of that.

Each product we review is thoroughly tested. We take a number of considerations to heart when it comes to all of our reviews, including design, speed, ease of use and features that help differentiate a service from its competition. We take our reviews seriously, and have honest, real discussions as part of determining what we consider to be the best, or The Guru’s Choice.

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