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7 Jul 2016

Promise Apollo: Your Personal Cloud

promise-apolloKeeping up with your digital files can be daunting. Many people run into an issue of space: there’s no more space on the hard drive for the hundreds

22 Jun 2016

Trusting the Cloud: Is This The Best Option for Backing up Data?

the-cloudIf we could over-exaggerate for a moment, we’d like to remind you that there are 300 different options to back

15 Jun 2016

Is A Data Storage Startup A Good Model?

unhappy-times-dataEntrepreneurism is a fast-growing occupation. Many young people are using their minds and foregoing the traditional joining of a company

8 Jun 2016

Backup Your Data, And Avoid Problems

backing-up-is-goodIt’s almost common sense to back up your photos and videos from your phone onto your laptop or desk top.

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