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30 Jun 2015

MyPCBackup – Safe, Secure, Awesome!

mypcbackupThere are rumors that go around that say MyPCBackup is a scam but this is not true. There is an

30 Jun 2015

JustCloud – Tons Of Features For A Small Price

jccomJustCloud is a place where you can file all of your files in the

30 Jun 2015

Dropbox – Classic, Old School Leader In The Space

dropboxrwIf you’re new to cloud computing, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Cloud computing puts the human

30 Jun 2015

CrashPlan – The Most Ways To Backup That Data!

crsprewThere are many services that offer backup services or storage via the cloud but the most flexible and comprehensive service on offer must be that of CrashPlan. The

30 Jun 2015

Carbonite – Powerhouse In The Backup World

Carbonite online backup service has one of the highest profiles of any online backup service. Almost everyone has heard of them in one way or another. Find out the truth as we pop the lid on Carbonite.


30 Jun 2015

Backup Genie – Simple App You Try Before You Buy

With ever increasing popularity of cloud storage there has been an explosion in the companies offering the service. One of these companies that is proving very popular is Backup Genie. One of the reasons for this is

23 Jun 2015

SafeCopy Backup – Service And Safety In One Provider

safecopybkThe primary goal of SafeCopy is simple. They want to give the best online backup experience in the industry. Then

21 Jun 2015

NovaStor – New Provider Has Years Of Backup Experience

novastorNovaStor was not an online provider until recently. Before they had their data centers,

19 Jun 2015

ZipCloud – Solid Support, Experienced Players

zipcloudZipCloud is another name in a long line of cloud storage and syncing services.

18 Jun 2015

SOS Backup – Keeping Backups UltraSafe!

For online backup solutions, data safety is a key part. SOS Backup uses UltraSafe™ to keep your data safe. Uncover the facts behind UltraSafe™ and what it means.


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