hsuolspIf you are like many people, you want to make sure that all of your valuable data on your computer, tablet, and phone is backed up so you do not have a chance of losing the information. There are many different online backup providers but do you really know how the security on your backup provider really is? If you are going to the length of getting all of your data backed up on a regular basis, one thing is for sure; you want to make sure that all of your data is secure. You definitely do not want your important data to get into the hands of the wrong person.

Online backup services (clouds) are as safe as anything else in this in our crazy cyberworld but you still do need to make sure that you take the right approach at protecting yourself. Your valuable data is never 100% safe, not even on your hard drive or your local backup.

Most of your major online backup companies, such as Carbonite and Mozy have encryption policies in place where your files stay encrypted until you need them. This is why it is important to go with a cloud service that is larger; not with your small mom and pop places. When your files are encrypted, they are impossible to get into without a key or password. But there is always the chance of anyone being hacked at any time; it is just part of how things go but this is why is important to always go with your own key (password) instead of one that the cloud uses.

You Should Not Rely Only Upon Your Online Backup Provider

You should always be smart and try to be ahead of the game. Yes, you should rely on your cloud service provider but you should also try to have your information backed up just in case something bad were to happen with the cloud provider. It is always better to be safe than sorry in the long run. Most of the major cloud services do not guarantee the continued access of your data, so you need to consider what your expectations are for your data are before you commit to them. You need to make sure you understand what will happen to your data if your account is closed for any matter or if the site is shut down.

Encryption of Your Data

encripudYes, most of your major online backup providers will encrypt their information but do you know who is going to have access to your key (password). You need to know what types of security measures the cloud has in place before you sign up with them.

Subscription Status

Before you sign up with the backup provider, you will want to make sure you understand exactly how your account can be deactivated and what will happen to your data if it is deactivated. It is easy to mistakenly miss a payment but you do not want to lose all of your valuable data just because of a missed payment. You should definitely find out how long your data will be accessible if you need to shut down your account.

Compare Companies Before You Choose One

Before you decide upon an online backup company to use, you need to compare them and one of your main priorities should be on which company has better security measures in place. You are not going to have to be a professional to figure out which company is the best fit for you. Checking reviews of the different cloud companies is a good way to choose one as well. If the company is backed up by a consumer choice agency (such as the Better Business Bureau), it is usually a good choice.

Extra Security Measures You Can Take

  • Always read the terms and conditions of your service agreement so you fully understand what you are getting into
  • Always make sure that things you are uploading and downloading are encrypted and make sure they will stay encrypted when you upload your data to an online backup site
  • Never upload anything that you do not want anyone getting a hold of (such as the government or an employee of the service provider)
  • Password protect your home Wi-Fi and do not upload content when you are on public connections
  • Never upload anything that is illegal, any medical records and financial information
  • Use more than one cloud service company
  • Be prepared for things out of your control, such as an account that is disabled, a stolen laptop, and the like
  • Do not assume your service provider will always be 100% reliable
  • Pick a provider that has a great security reputation (this is a biggie)


In today’s world, nothing is going to be guaranteed 100%. This is especially true in regards to the data you send to an online backup company. You must do your research to make sure that your online backup company is doing the right kinds to things to make sure that their customers are going to be secured in the best ways possible. The ways cloud companies transfer and store the encryption of your data will vary from company to company.

You are going to want to always stay with an online backup company that is larger in size and one that takes a lot of security measures to keep your data safe. When data is backed up over the internet, an agreement is made between you and the company’s server to make a secure connection. Your computer lets the server know that your data is coming and it makes a secure connection that allows your data to be transferred with no fear of it either being interrupted or hacked into.

Online backup service companies (clouds) are very safe and secure for you to use. They will keep your valuable data more secure than when they are stored on an external hard drive sitting around your house. If a disaster were to happen, your files could be taken off of the cloud in an easy manner. It is very important for you to keep your data safe by using an online backup company. The more clouds become popular and in business, the even better the service is going to get.