Backup Genie – Simple App You Try Before You Buy

With ever increasing popularity of cloud storage there has been an explosion in the companies offering the service. One of these companies that is proving very popular is Backup Genie. One of the reasons for this is that they firstly provide very good and cost effective cloud backup and secondly, they offer a number of flexible packages to suit all users from an individual right up to larger businesses.

Why is Backup Genie Becoming so Successful?

bkgeFor a start, there is a free option that you can try and find out how well it suits you before you commit fully. There is only a limited amount of storage but it grows each month that you are signed up with them, currently by 1 GB a month. The free space can be also increased by inviting your friends to join or by you trialing additional features. With the free and home versions the backups can be manual or automatic. On the paid for business accounts the backup can be set to run automatically at various times from daily to hourly.

Operating Systems Covered by Backup Genie

Backup Genie can cope with a multitude of operating systems including Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista as well as Mac OSX 10.5+. Backup Genie also has apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Kindle Fire.

Backup Genie for the Home

Backup Genie has three levels of backup service designed for home users, the Home package, the Premium package and the Unlimited package. The packages offer 75 GB, 250 GB or unlimited storage respectively. The Unlimited package is subject to a Fair Use policy. Backup Genie audits usage each month and if you are found to be over an unspecified amount of storage you will be asked to move up to the Business packages. Each month there is an additional 1 GB of storage space added as a loyalty bonus. In addition all the options offer the following;

  • Your data is backed up in 3 different locations
  • Apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android are included free
  • Unlimited sharing of files included free
  • Free 24/7 support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Data is secured by using a combination of both 256 bit encryption and 128 bit SSL encryption. This the encryption used by the most secure websites.

Backup Genie for Business

Like the Backup Genie for home use, with Backup Genie for business there are different packages available. The Business package and the Enterprise package, with both packages there is an entry point which can be expanded to suit the individual needs of each business.

Backup Genie Business Package

The Business package begins with including 100 GB of storage and covers 5 different computers as well as a shared sync folder. The number of computers and the storage space can be increased as required.

Backup Genie Enterprise Package

The Enterprise package is similar to the Business packages but is designed for larger users. The starting point for storage is 250 GB and 20 computers as well as a sync folder. Again the number of computers and storage space can be increased. The figures given are the starting points.

Additional Features of the Backup Genie Business Packages

In addition to the storage space and the number of computers covered, the Business packages include;

  • An unlimited number of user accounts
  • An unlimited number of devices per user
  • Ability to create sub-accounts
  • Large files can be shared
  • Files and folders can be shared
  • Mobile apps for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire
  • Network drives are supported
  • External drive backup
  • Control panel for administration
  • Access and permissions can be managed
  • Backup statuses can be monitored
  • High level business support available 24/7
  • Email backup
  • Scheduled and ad hoc backups
  • Hourly backups can be set
  • 30 day money back guarantee

In addition the backup data is secured using 256 bit SSL encryption, stored in three separate geographical locations using Amazon S3 servers.

Using Backup Genie

usngbkgeMost people will probably start with the free version of Backup Genie and progress from there. To start you need to create an account and password. Then download a small file which becomes the Backup Genie interface. There are numerous videos available to show you how to use various functions but the Backup Genie interface is really quite intuitive to use. It defaults to backing up files from My Documents, Pictures and Desktop, but you can easily customize which folders get selected (and change them as needed). If you want to backup an individual file or folder there is a drag and drop feature.

Optional Settings

There are a number of optional settings two which are particularly useful. Not allowing backups to be carried out when a laptop is operating on battery power is a feature that many people may not think of unless it is there. Going to use your laptop only to find that it is flat because the battery has been used backing up your data is not helpful. Setting the Backup Genie interface so that it only backs up data when the screen saver is running is another thoughtful option. There is nothing worse when you need to download material to find it running very slowly, only to realize that your backups are uploading.

How Good Is Backup Genie?

In short Backup Genie is very good, it is well designed and effective. The interface makes using Backup Genie simple and straightforward. The free trial is a great way to explore and try out the features without committing yourself to a contract. The ability to have files backed up automatically at a remote location is much easier than having to remember to back up your files yourself and the fact that they are stored at a remote location means that your data is much safer than if stored on a backup that is in the same location as your computer. Not only is your data stored in a different location it is duplicated in 3 separate locations using high level encryption for additional security. The flexibility of having different packages to suit your requirements and pocket are an added bonus.


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