JustCloud – Tons Of Features For A Small Price

jccomJustCloud is a place where you can file all of your files in the cloud. By using JustCloud, you are able to access all of your files at any time, no matter where you are, and no matter what device you are using. When you use the professional JustCloud storage system, it is very simple, fast, and the amount of files you can store on the system is unlimited. You can safely store and backup all of your photos, documents, videos, music, and more and not have to worry about losing any of your valuable information you have.

Procedures Involved in Using JustCloud

The procedure that is involved is being able to use JustCloud is so simple it is hard to even believe it. All you need to do with JustCloud is to choose the files that you want to store, upload Cloud, and then you are able to access your valuable files no matter where you are or what device you are using.

Why Would You Choose to Use JustCloud?

The question should probably be, why would you not choose JustCloud more than why you would choose to use JustCloud. It is so simple and valuable to use JustCloud, there is no way that you can go wrong by using the software/mobile app.

Unlimited JustCloud Storage

Unlike any of the other cloud storage services that are around, when you decide to use JustCloud, you do not have to be limited to the amount of files you are able to store. You can enjoy the possibilities of unlimited online storage with no worries about losing any of your information.

Mobile Device Apps

People like to use their mobile devices for everything and being able to use JustCloud on them is no exception. You can safely backup all of your photos from your phone, and upload any voice memos and text notes quickly and easily by using the mobile app. Just think about being able to open, print and share any of your documents and photos while you are on the move while using your mobile phone.

Automated Backups

When you use JustCloud, you do not even have to worry about backing up all of your valuable information. All of your files are automatically backed up for you. You have a 0% chance of losing your valuable information.


JustCloud takes the security and privacy of your data very seriously. All your files are encrypted with 265 Bit Encryption.

Access Files Anywhere

No matter where you are, you are able to access your files either on your computer, on the online control panel, or on your mobile app. Your files will always be at your fingertips.

Lost Laptop Tracker

lptckrIf you have lost or even had your laptop stolen, you are really going to love this special perk of JustCloud. By using JustCloud, you will be able to find the location of your laptop on an hourly basis to be able to find out where it is at. If you are not able to retrieve it, you will still be able to easily recover all of your lost files from your JustCloud account.

Syncing Multiple Computers

When you set up an account with JustCloud, you are able to automatically sync your files across all of the computers you have. All you need to do is to decide which files you want to sync and JustCloud will send them to the cloud.

Drag and Drop

When you want to back up your data files, you are able to easily just drag and drop your files to your JustCloud app or online control panel. It does not get much easier than being able to drag and drop your files.

Sharing Files

Another great feature that many people like with JustCloud is the capability of being able to share your files with your friends and family. It is as simple as inviting them to view your files either by email, Facebook, Twitter or just by giving them your own custom JustCloud link.

24/7 Tech Support

If you ever have questions about using JustCloud, you are able to contact them 24 hours a day.

Devices That Work with JustCloud

No matter what device you are using, you are going to be able to use JustCloud. There are many different apps that you can use no matter what device you are using. You can quickly and easily download apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. You do not have to be using your hard drive in order to be able to backup and access your files. The following devices will work with JustCloud:

  • Windows 8, 7, XP, and Vista PC
  • Apple Mac
  • Linux
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Kindle Fire

How to Sign Up for JustCloud

If you want to sign up for JustCloud, all you need to do is to go to www.justcloud.com, and create an account. Once you have set up an account, you will be taken to a page to download the software and will be able have your PC automatically backed up. After you sign up, you can also install apps to use on many of your other devices you use on a daily basis.

Price for Using JustCloud

It is pretty reasonable to use the JustCloud software or mobile app. The price will depend upon the amount of storage you want to have. The price breakdowns are as follows:

Plan Amount Per Month Total Amount for 2 Years
Home Plan (75 GB) $4.49 $107.81
Premium Plan (250 GB) $4.95 $118.85
Unlimited Plan $6.95 $166.85



JustCloud is a great program for anyone that wants to safely store all of their valuable data on any of their computers, tablets, and phones. The program is simple enough for anyone to use. You can either use the program on the JustCloud website or you can use an app. The program/app is reasonably priced and the price will depend upon how much data you wish to store. The program is not for everyone but if you are one who is wanting to store information for the average person, it will be a great choice for you.


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