NovaStor – New Provider Has Years Of Backup Experience

novastorNovaStor was not an online provider until recently. Before they had their data centers, they sold their product as a stand-alone third party backup program. Unveil the truth behind what made them number one.

The Cloud is Here to Stay

Back in the 1990s, I recall a sitcom where someone said, “So, uh, what do you think about this ‘world wide web’ thing, huh?” Wow. Okay. I feel old. Fast forward to today.

Before the birth of the cloud, NovaStor was backing up systems like a boss. They created a product jam-packed with features; it was the standard by which others were compared. When they began offering online services, they were already ahead of their game.

Networks experienced an explosive growth period in the early 2000s. The cloud started off as an idea; use the internet to collaborate, work together, connect, and share files. The cloud is here, and just like the internet, it is here to stay.

The Face of NovaStor

NovaStor is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, although their products are developed in Hamburg, Germany and Agoura Hills, California. Stefan Utzinger sits on the throne of the company. His profile and his management team can be found on their company website. It is always important for a company to be transparent with their top management team. If they do not show pictures or profiles, they could at least list their names. NovaStor does both. By connecting their names with the business, they are showing confidence in their own products.

NovaStor Backup Solutions

NovaStor was made famous with their feature-rich backup program. In the beginning, they did an excellent job of keeping up with the times. Nova is equipped with reliable solutions that are easy to implement and manage. They were slow to offer cloud services, but they are here.

They claim to be able to back up your data without regard to the data medium you use. From tape backups to virtual libraries, they offer multithreading redundant data centers. The beauty behind this means unprecedented backup and recovery speed. NovaStor’s data solutions include:

  • Single workstations
  • Servers
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Exchange
  • Hyper-V or VMware
  • Heterogeneous networks
  • Public and private Cloud-as-a-Service

Users customize the interface to meet their needs. From one software interface, you can manage every single device and backup while the software only shows what you want to see.

Their redundant, distributed architecture allows you to backup and restore using multiple streams of data. This means you may run several backup and restore jobs simultaneously, creating one of the fastest online backup products on the market.

NovaStor Defines “Feature-Rich”

novastordfThere are so many features, I almost didn’t include them. However, no review is complete without them.

  • Disaster Recovery can be architected and implemented using the Disaster Recovery Wizard.
  • Easy to install and quick to implement. No prior IT-knowledge required.
  • Complete backup and restore functions using wizards for
    • event logs and reports
    • file compression
    • tape copy/ transfer
    • custom commands
    • automatic scheduling
    • virus scanning
    • encryption and filtering
    • individual file, folder, and email backup and restore
    • verification of backed up/restored information
    • password encryption
  • Support of all popular storage devices.
  • Ensures the Best Practice Data Protection Procedures.
  • Software saves backup/restore logs, assisting IT professionals and users monitor the successes and failures of the backup or restore process.
  • Multiple language support for German, French, Spanish, English, Italian and Simple Chinese.
  • Proficient in full, differential, incremental, and open file backup solutions,
  • Capable of mirror and copy choices for offsite and onsite storage of information on local, networked or online storage devices.
  • Support comes from the engineers who developed the product.
  • Feature for estimating how much space might be needed to complete a backup
  • Available solutions for combining offsite and onsite storage.

Try Before You Buy

NovaStor offers a free 30-day trial of their downloadable backup products. The business license list is far too extensive to list here. They do not have a price list on their website; I had to do research to find their prices. The accuracy of their prices is in question because I did not find a price list published by them; I found one on a third party site. They lose points here because the only way to find out their rates is to contact them.

Their local backup solutions have prices—the products in this lineup are what made NovaStor famous in the first place.

  • NovaBACKUP® Business Essentials. Geared for everything an enterprise might use, including SQL, Exchange, and servers. $539.95
  • NovaBACKUP® Server. Backup offering for a single server only with Windows OS support. $314.95
  • NovaBACKUP® NAS. The most comprehensive backup solution offering multiple servers, Network Attached Storage, Exchange, SQL, and other open formats $1349.95
  • NovaBACKUP® PC. Ideal for the home user, this will back up a single computer. $29.95

Ouch. While the single PC price is reasonable, those other prices are sure to put a dent in anyone’s wallet.

Customers Say it All

Testimonials from real customers can put a product on an untouchable pedestal or spin a tale of disaster and woe. I do my best to make sure I uncover the real stories customers tell about a product—which means I go straight to the source.

If you’ve used backup software before, this is pretty good software. The setup is simple and easy to navigate; you select your files, select destination, location, and boom. There really isn’t much to it. Nice you can go to tape, disc, hard drive, network drive. You can also do disk imaging with it.

You DO need to have some knowledge of backups to use effectively though if you don’t know the difference between a full and incremental job; this software doesn’t tell you. I suppose you need SOME level of backup experience to use it, or you may find it confusing. Not really a fault of the product but I suppose they could have made it more idiot proof. My sister couldn’t figure out how to get it to work, but it took me only a few minutes.

– S. Rogers from

The Cons of NovaStor

Every product has vices, and NovaStor is no different. Find out what to be careful of here.

  • The Price. NovaStor leaves much to be desired in this area. Most small businesses can find cheaper solutions than what is offered. The redeeming quality is the amount of features they offer, like selecting the medium of your choice. NovaStor’s prices leave much to be desired.
  • User Vocabulary. This solution is geared toward enterprise businesses, not the novice user. If you do not know the basics of backup technology and terminology, the NovaStor software will not explain it to you.


NovaStor knows what they are doing. They’ve been in the business longer than most. Their solutions are solid, both local and cloud. The extensive feature list might justify their prices.

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