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safecopybkThe primary goal of SafeCopy is simple. They want to give the best online backup experience in the industry. Then again, so does everyone else, so what makes SafeCopy different? What do you want in an online backup product?

Data safety has always been a primary goal of IT specialists. Home consumers are not IT specialists, and don’t have that goal. They buy a computer to make their lives easier; for entertainment, for schoolwork, for the internet, and many other reasons. Data backups are the furthest things from their mind. I’ve always compared backups to windshield wipers. When the weather is dry and sunny, we don’t think of them because we don’t use them. As soon as the rain hits, we depend on them.

Consumers don’t want to worry about data backups. They don’t want to buy hard drives or remember to keep up with a backup schedule. Data backup and recovery is often a lesson learned the hard way through personal experience.

The Home Consumer

SafeCopy is geared towards the home consumer. They have big shoes to fill if they expect to satisfy their market. People might be aware they need a backup solution, but they’ll think twice if it interferes with their work. We therefore have our first requirement; the backup solution must not interfere with our activities on the computer. This means the program must run in the background and do its thing without taking up precious resources like CPU power and network bandwidth. I don’t mind letting SafeCopy run in the taskbar of Windows® or in the background of my MAC. I’m not willing to sacrifice my computer experience for backups. Examples of what I don’t want to experience include seeing my computer run slower or my internet run slower because a backup is being performed. SafeCopy fills these shoes as expected.

Try Before You Buy

Another item on my list that SafeCopy satisfies is my need to try before I buy. I will pay nothing until I am more familiar with how it works for me. SafeCopy offers my account for free for life; this is not a limited trial run. The free version of the account limits me to 3GB of data without sacrificing features. Once you’re in, you can upgrade your account to offer more storage than the first 3GB.

Unlimited Devices on One Account

SafeCopy offers Unlimited Devices on your account meaning one account covers every device in your home. Remember that idea I brought up that home consumers want things simple? All of your backups for your devices are managed from a central location, adding to the simplicity. Your phones, tablets, laptops and desktops are managed through one account, with one bill. SafeCopy doesn’t offer unlimited storage, defending the view “Unlimited Storage vs. Unlimited Devices” in a blog posting on their site.   They claim many competitors offer unlimited storage, but are limited to a single computer. They have plans up to 1TB; plenty for most home consumers and their devices.

People don’t enjoy making payments every month. Budgets are often tight, and if I had to trim fat off my monthly budget, a backup service might be the first to go. That’s why the billing process for SafeCopy so brilliant. They don’t want you to pay every month; their plans are set up to pay yearly instead. That means I’ll enjoy my account for a year without worrying about payments.

Peace of Mind

fomdSafeCopy boasts of a data center with 448-military grade Blowfish encryption. They’re not kidding. Passwords are kept safe, even from SafeCopy employees. The only version of the password saved on their servers is the hashed version. Their computers use a random mathematical algorithm on your password and end up with an unreadable “hash” of code. The only person who can read your password is you.

Their storage system is maintained in three separate areas; File Content, File Structure, and File Ownership. In File Content, your data is encrypted before leaving your computer. No one, not even SafeCopy, can read your data. File Structure deals with the folder and file names. File Ownership relates your file to your account. According to SafeCopy, no member of their team has access to all three areas. The job of SafeCopy is to keep your data safe and secure ~ a job they take pride in doing well.

SafeCopy shines in another area. They keep earlier versions of your files safe—forever. Save a new version of a file you’re working on, and SafeCopy keeps both versions of the file.


SafeCopy uses a forum-type support system and an FAQ page. The forum appears to be a blog with knowledge base articles and comments at the bottom. Examination shows the comments section to be engaging; ask a question and they’ll answer. While SafeCopy provides a way to contact them, their support gives an absent impression. They say I can chat with someone from their support team, but I found nowhere to chat. I might get most general questions answered online, but it doesn’t feel personal. The About Me page appeared generic; it provided no information about who they were, other than a group of veterans. If I had specific questions, I would need to send them a question in their forums or email them.

The Product

I dove right in once I was sure I would not pay any upfront costs. SafeCopy is a stand-alone application that accesses my computer to create a backup. I created my account after I downloaded the application and installed it. Much like every other backup program I’ve tried, it gave the two options of backing up either “My Documents” or other folders or files that I chose. The “My Documents” folder on my computer is larger than 3GB, so I chose a custom folder. It took less than 2 minutes to back up the folder. The interface is simple and intuitive. I rank this product 9 out of 10 for being easy to use.

The program is a standalone program, but you can access your files through their web console. This is a fantastic feature for travelling light. Access your files from any computer with an internet connection and send links to send to people allowing them to access files. This is an important feature I look for in online backup storage solutions.

The Verdict

When you shop for an online backup storage solution, you’re looking for a product that fits your needs. To really make your cloud experience cohesive, SafeCopy promotes Dropbox (another online file sharing product) by providing a page on how they work well together. I don’t see one company promote another like this very often.

SafeCopy has features that others do not:

  • Archive SafeCopy will never delete your files even if you delete them from your computer.
  • Unlimited File Versions. SafeCopy saves every version of a file in progress. Save a file that’s in your online backup and SafeCopy keeps both versions forever, just in case you need to go back.
  • TurboUpload. SafeCopy uses a checksum on files to make sure duplicates of files don’t exist, saving time if you have copies of music, photos, or videos across several computers. Your storage capacity consumes a single copy of each file.

If you’re in the market for something simple, safe, and easy to use, then give SafeCopy a try. I find it satisfies most, if not all my requirements. SafeCopy is going on my recommended list.

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