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For online backup solutions, data safety is a key part. SOS Backup uses UltraSafe™ to keep your data safe. Uncover the facts behind UltraSafe™ and what it means.

sosonlinebkData safety and recovery often fall between the cracks of priorities. You don’t think about either until you need them. Here you are, under the impression that everything on your computer is safe, then BAM! Disaster follows. Anything can happen; you drop your laptop, spill coffee on your keyboard, or worse – it gets stolen.

I don’t want that to happen to you. Online backup companies, like SOS, don’t want that either. Life happens, and SOS understands. Your data is the single most important part of your computer.

For most devices, SOS can be your solution. They play well with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, offering 24/7 access to your data with UltraSafe™.

Who is SOS, and what is UltraSafe™?

SOS is an online backup solution that offers unlimited storage space for a device. UltraSafe™ is their exclusive technology to keep your data safe and secure. Backing up your data is about peace of mind.

SOS is owned by Infrascale, another name in the Online Backup Industry. Both companies were founded by Ken Shaw. Before its founding, Ken worked as a government contractor in which he ran two other cloud companies, Safe Offsite Pty Ltd and JNS Technology in Australia.

The people behind companies are often hidden. SOS is transparent. They’re not afraid to show their faces ~ something that other companies should take note of and do likewise. Top features of SOS include:

  • Instant Mobile Access and Backup. Both Android and Apple iOS markets have SOS apps in their marketplaces, allowing you freedom and control over your backups.
  • Quick and Easy Setup. SOS will automatically find your important files (including videos) or you can choose which files you want backed up. As soon as you set the start-time for your daily backups, SOS will keep your files safe.
  • Options are standard. SOS doesn’t use service level plans that limit features based on how much you’re paying. As a customer, you get access to every available feature.
  • Infinite Cloud Storage. Personal and Family accounts enjoy infinite and unlimited amount of storage. SOS has no limits on file size, number of files, or file type.
  • Intelligent and Incremental Backup. SOS is smart enough to realize that life happens, and backups shouldn’t get in the way. If a backup gets interrupted, SOS will pick up right where it left off.
  • ForeverSave Archive and Version History. ForeverSave is a term used by SOS to describe how you can save your hard drive space by backing up to the cloud. SOS will hold every past backup version of every file forever.
  • UltraSafe™ End-to-End, Always On Encryption. End-to-End encryption means SOS will encrypt your files before leaving your computer and again once they reach the cloud. Each user is provided with a unique key to unlocking their files.
  • UltraSafe™ MAX. Recommended for sensitive data, UltraSafe™ MAX accounts are protected with unique user-defined encryption keys that are NEVER stored or saved in the cloud. As the ONLY person with the key; if you lose it, your data is unrecoverable.
  • Certified World Class Data Centers. SOS operates in 11 countries and owns all the data centers.
  • Regulatory Compliance. SOS complies with Title II of HIPPA (healthcare industry privacy standards), SOX and SEC regulatory standards.
  • Help & Support. Live chat and 24/7 support, knowledge base, forums, and email are available for you when you need support

SOS was created with people in mind. The founder, Ken Shaw Jr. leads a team of world-class professionals with Infrascale. Their knowledge represents the best of its kind within the industry of online storage solutions.

SOS Results by Customer Testimonial

SOS is in the business of keeping your data safe. What about their customers? What do their customers say about SOS Online Backup? I found commentary about SOS from three different people.

“A Breeze! My friend first put me onto online cloud backups because she lost all her priceless photos when her machine crashed. After hearing her terrible story, I vowed to never let that happen to me! I signed on with SOS straight away and am so happy that I did! It’s super easy to use and such value for money that everyone should try it!”

-Jill Thompson


“Works fine for me. I have been using the software for a few months and till now it has worked fine for me. The software does not use up all the computer’s resources unlike some other backup applications and the software is pretty easy to install and use. Customer support is also a key feature and I get email reports about my backup which is a neat feature.”

-Jeff Trijman


“User friendly with good support. When I bought the SOS online backup software, initially I thought that I had wasted my money because it won’t get set up. However, a few calls to the customer support solved all my initial issues and I am satisfied that I did not dump it immediately. I have not yet needed to retrieve my data from the backup and I really hope I won’t need to.”

-Lynn Schuster


SOS has earned awards for its customer service, value, and customer experience—arguably the most important of part of any buying decision.

What to Watch Out For

The path to riches is riddled with bumps and breadcrumbs. So far, I’ve found nothing but good things to say about them. But SOS has its faults, too. Here are a few things to keep in mind about SOS:

  • SOS is Expensive. With plans starting at $59.99 per year, cheaper solutions exist. If you want unlimited backup potential, prepare to pay $79.99.
  • Continuous Protection is Limited. Continuous protection is limited to individual files, not folders.
  • No File Explorer Integration. The ability to access SOS from Windows® File Explorer is not available.
  • No App for Windows® SOS supports every major mobile operating system—except Windows® Phone.
  • Limited Web Interface. The web interface will allow you to share files via email, but won’t let you view photos or play music or videos.
  • Each Account is Limited to One PC. Unlimited Storage has its limits here. You can get an unlimited amount of storage space—but you’ll need a different account for a different computer.

Guarantees, Support, Up Sells, and Other Fine Print

SOS comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Each case beyond 30 days will be reviewed individually. With more support options than I can shake a stick at, getting support should be easy.

Most computers come with a hefty amount of internal storage space. If you’re one of those who carry an external hard drive around, then you might have more. Their unlimited plan would be best for you.

Last Thoughts

My last thoughts about SOS relate to UltraSafe™—no other backup company offers to encrypt your data twice. For the ultra-paranoid or the business professional, I place my recommendation on this service to keep your data safe. Check out SOS Online Backup here.

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