SugarSync – Wins For Business Or Personal Backups

Some say SugarSync is the best in the business. Based on my own preliminary review of the service, SugarSync blurs the line between the needs of the business user and the personal user. Features that others view as premier are standard on the SugarSync platform. Find out what makes SugarSync stand out.

Finally…A Fully Functional Backup Service

Without saying it, one of the solid beliefs among cloud storage users and providers says the needs of the business user differ from the needs of the personal user. But…why? Each one has folders, files, and essential documents, and neither one is comfortable losing them. Cloud storage is a booming business for this exact reason. By keeping files safely encrypted in a data center for a nominal fee, the fear of losing either our files or devices seem to disappear.

You don’t want to entrust your data to just any cloud service. You want a balance of two things; the best in the business and your personal needs. Many business owners trust SugarSync because they work efficiently to keep all your data safe—and we mean all.

Enter the SugarSync Company

sugarsyncSome companies are lacking in features, and they recognize this. Some backup companies have teamed up with cloud file sharing companies because you, as the user, would get more features by using both. Seriously? That’s nice and all, but why do I need to use both companies to get the features I need?

Take the ever-popular Dropbox, for example. They are setting the standard for what you need to have in a file sharing service. But they do files—not folders. I’m not knocking down Dropbox. Dropbox is solid for a reason (well, several reasons actually!) What I am saying is there is a difference between cloud backup companies and cloud file sharing companies. SugarSync is a service that stands out like a red brick in the yellow brick road. Not only are they a backup company, but their features rival Dropbox. Wow. Long-winded there. That says a lot.

SugarSync has been headquartered out of San Mateo, California since 2008. They are a relatively new face on the playing field, but have some of the most recognizable names in the business. Names like Best Buy, SanDisk, Lenovo, France Telecom-Orange, and Korea Telecom are on their rap sheet to bring cloud services to their customers. Mike Grossman is their CEO and Jason Makami acts as their Operations VP. That’s another thing—some people hide behind their names. If I was confident in my product and company, why would I be afraid to show my face and print my name? If anything, I would be proud to. I shy away from companies who aren’t transparent with their management teams or owners.

Platform as a Service

onlinebkYou might have heard of PaaS being thrown around in the cloud storage arena. That’s the face of SugarSync. They have a specific mix of features not usually seen in one service.

  • Online Backup. As the basis of every cloud backup company out there, this one would seem basic. Take it a step further with SugarSync with continuous automatic backup, file version control and recovery
  • Folders and File Sharing. The ability to share your files with your peers via secure links can make or break a file sharing service. Share public links, collaborate with shared folders, and sync folders of information across entire teams. That brings cloud computing to a whole new level.
  • Sync Multiple Devices. Sync files across platforms that don’t play well with each other, like Android devices with iOS devices and MACs with PCs. The service is seamless and plays well with all
  • Security & Protection. SugarSync provides the best industry-standard security practices to ensure the safety and integrity of your data. They use 256-bit AES security protocols over TSL (Transport Security Layer). This is the same level of protection banks use to protect your money.
  • Mobile Access. As stated once earlier, SugarSync allows Android to talk seamlessly to Apple iOS devices by providing apps in each respective marketplace.

What do you get when you cross the online backup world with the file sharing world?

Great Minds Think Alike

There are a lot of things to like about SugarSync. Here’s what people find out once they try the service. Before I list anything, know that I searched for each feature myself.

  • SugarSync has a music player like Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music, but with less features than either one of them.
  • SugarSync offers 5GB under a free account. When you choose your account, ignore the free trials and click on the free version in fine print underneath.
  • People love how SugarSync doesn’t care if you have a MAC or a PC, Android or iPhone.

Hidden Mines

No cloud service is without their sins. As good as SugarSync seems, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Free accounts have an imposed 25MB file limit. This deal breaker will pose a problem if you have files larger than 25MB.
  • Upload speeds appear to be throttled. When asked, they said, “No, it’s your ISP’s fault”. Customers are hoping this issue will get solved as the company grows
  • There is a limited file archival feature. While some companies allow for an infinite number of previous file versions, SugarSync only allows five
  • SugarSync doesn’t feature LAN sync, which allows synchronization between two computers on the same network. The file has to go to their server and back again.
  • My experience with SugarSync was almost identical to Dropbox. I can see why Dropbox is compared so much to SugarSync. It’s as if SugarSync almost mimics the same interface as Dropbox. Their features, however, differ greatly.

Buying Advice

The best advice to give you is to always start free. SugarSync offers more in the way of their free account than competitors do. When you try SugarSync for the first time, you need to look for the free account in small print underneath the big, bold “Try Me Now” buttons.

Last Thoughts

SugarSync is one of the best well-rounded cloud companies I’ve reviewed so far. They certainly appear to have it all; both file share and backup services. Get your free account started here.

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