macMany people use Mac machines and just as there are specific software programs for a Mac, there are also special backup programs that a Mac user will want to use. Mac computers are backed up with Time Machine but Time Machine is just another hard disk drive, which can be destroyed in an accident or storm. Time Machine is not 100% secure in backing up all of your valuable data. Many Mac users work outside of their home on their Macs and if you do not have Time Machine physically present with you, you will not get your valuable data backed up while you are away.

The best backup site for Mac users is ZipCloud. ZipCloud was built for Mac machines by Mac users themselves. This means that ZipCloud is the “apple” of online backups, pun intended. The price of ZipCloud is one of the best you can find and you can get unlimited space if that is something that you are going to need. When you back up your data with ZipCloud, your valuable data is backed up to Amazon S3, which is very trusted.

ZipCloud has over 15,000,000 files on their network. When you subscribe to ZipCloud, you can choose from three personal plans, three business plans, and three reseller plans. Before you sign up, it is always great to try out the free trial offer, which will give you two weeks of storage on a trial basis to see if you really do like the services of ZipCloud. If you do decide that you do not like ZipCloud, there is also always a money back guarantee at any time if you decide you do not like it. The unlimited storage plan is definitely worth the price that they have to offer.

One thing many people are not aware of when signing up, is that many of the ZipCloud features will cost you an extra price but since the basic price is very low, you will still be very pleased with the services you get with ZipCloud. They will try to upsell you as much as possible but you only need to purchase what you really do need.

Pricing Plans

For personal accounts, you will get a 14-day free trial on any plans that you sign up for. The personal plans are as follows:

Plan Price Per Month
Home (75 GB) $4.95
Premium (250 GB) $5.95
Unlimited $6.95


For business accounts, the pricing is as follows:


Plan Price Per Month
100 GB $12.79
250 GB $22.39
500 GB $31.99


If you do decide to pay for one year upfront for the business accounts, you will get a small discount on the plans. The plan will back up four computers within the plan rate you choose.

For reseller accounts, the pricing plan is as follows:

Plan Price Per Month
500 GB $24.95
1 TB $44.95
2 TB $74.95



  • Android compatible
  • 100% automatic backups
  • Mobile phone access
  • iPad compatible
  • iPhone compatible
  • Multiple computers backed up
  • Private or public sharing capabilities
  • Video tutorials
  • Scheduling options up to one time per hour
  • Web portal to see everything about your account
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Also works on Windows machines

All of the ZipCloud features are simple but that is what most Mac users are looking for, something simple but something that can be relied upon. ZipCloud is one of those software packages that will not give you lots of random features that you will never ever use.


Zipcloud uses Amazon S3 for all of their data storage. Half the internet is currently hosted on Amazon Data centers, so what you get is going to be very reliable in regards to security of your valuable data.

Customer Service

You are not going to be able to call customer service using your telephone if you want to reach ZipCloud. If you need customer service help, you just need to send them an email, and within a few hours they will email you back, in writing. There are also many video tutorials and a knowledgebase of FAQs, which will list many of your questions that have already been answered for you.


After you sign up with ZipCloud, you will then be taken to the Dashboard and will be able to download the software on your Mac machine. The Dashboard is where you control your account and are able to monitor your Mac and other devices (such as your iPhone and iPad). You can back up your documents folder or do a manual backup on selected files that you wish to have backed up. The visual bar on the Dashboard will show you how your backups are going and it is a very nice feature that many users of ZipCloud like. With ZipCloud, you are able to access your files anywhere as long as you have a live internet connection. Once you have been using ZipCloud for a certain period of time, you will be prompted you to upgrade your account to a quicker account and add any special features that it sees fit for you. It is completely up to you on what extra features you want to purchase to add to your ZipCloud account.


ZipCloud is another cloud service company but it is made specifically for Mac users but if you have other computers as well, you will be able to back both your Mac and other computers or devices with the ZipCloud package. The setup of ZipCloud and its processes are very simple for anyone to handle. If you are a power user, you are not going to like what ZipCloud has to offer in regards to its special features but the ZipCloud program will back up needed information in an easy and timely manner.

There are many other Mac backup sites that you are able to find out there but ZipCloud is the best your money is going to buy. You will not get a lot of frills with ZipCloud but the program serves its purpose very well for what Mac users are looking for.